Sexting Social Network

Sexting Social Network

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Price: $4.99

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Author: PhunApps

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Sexting Social Network Sexting Social Network Sexting Social Network Sexting Social Network

Description for Sexting Social Network

Ladies, email me to see how you can get this app for free!

So what do we do, exactly? We are a social network, like Facebook, our app connects you with everyday fun people, but the nature of THIS app ensures you're with people wanting the same thing as you! Try sexting, adult chatting, yo might even get to text with your dream girl tonight! You can send sexy pics, reply to single girls, guys, and have a fun time.

And since this app is brand new, we are offering this app 50% off (for now) to help grow our user-base.

When you join, you can post your info and get a response via email, or check out our very own web site and forums and find others, once joined, you're encouraged to message and add anyone and everyone.

We support REAL conversations, which means anything from IM messaging, to sexting and texting, to pic exchange, and just all around fun times.

This app comes with LIFETIME service and UNLIMITED usage.
We are still working on perfecting the app, so please keep that in mind)

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot! We promise you'll love it.


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