She's ones of the boys

She's ones of the boys

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She's ones of the boys She's ones of the boys

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At the sound of someone clearing their throat, I froze, hand still holding the key tight between my fingers as I held it an inch away from the metallic black paint of a Mercedes Benz. Slowly I turned my head, but not my body to face the distraction, a small impish smile spread across my lips.....busted.
Principal Nelson stood there, arms folded over his chest as he stared at me, one eyebrow raised as he looked at my hand, "You're going home Eva," he informed me with a serious tone to his voice.
My mouth dropped open slightly and excitement burst inside of me, home! But what had changed his mind? We have been on first name basis since I started here a year ago, due to the fact I am always in his office every few days for one reason or another, doing everything I could think of to get expelled and sent home, and now he finally gave up on me? There has to be some kind of catch or something.
"Seriously? No messing around Jack," I smiled as I stood up straight and pocketed the key, hiding my evidence as I turned to face him front on, not able to hide the growing grin on my face.
Ignoring my question for the moment, he looked over at his car door, inspecting it, "Were you really going to key my car?" he asked suspiciously, turning those questioning eyes onto me now.
"Maybe," I shrugged, "But let's not worry about that now - I'm going home!" I cheered, "You're finally free of me Jack!" The grin was still plastered on my face.
He smiled as he ran one hand through his slightly greying thin hair, "Yes, I am going to miss you greatly Eva."
I raised an eyebrow, "Was that sarcasm I just detected?"
Jack Nelson let out a small laugh, he really is a good principal and friendly, but I had it in for him from day one because I never wanted to be here. Maybe if we had met at a school where I wanted to be, we could have had a better student teacher relationship, but we will never know now.
He is one of those principals' that care about their students, who wants to help encourage everyone to grow and flourish, be all that they can be and blah blah blah -- I will give him points for trying with me for so long though, since I know what a handful I have been and a normal person would have given up ages ago, but not Jack.
"Alright Eva, go pack your bags, your car will be here in half an hour," he smiled before turning around, then stopped and looked back at me, "It really was a pleasure knowing you, everyday was exciting Miss Thorn."
I smiled cheekily, "Yeah, I'll miss you too Jack. My new principal might not be as cool as you," I teased before walking away in the other direction, surprised I hadn't been told off for being out past curfew, but then again, I am going home so any punishment wouldn't have mattered.
Home, such a great word, I've missed mine and can't wait to get back.
Packing was simple since I never made my dorm my room, and so all I had to do was pack my clothes and be out of there. I had no friends to say bye to considering it was an all girls school full of snobs and 'ladies' -- which is something I am far from being. So we never saw eye to eye on anything and I actually used a lot of these girls as targets for my pranks.
Naturally there were a few normal girls in here, but I never had any intentions of staying here for so long - so making friends seemed like a waste of time. Or there were the book worms and the type that like to knuckle down and take their schooling seriously - serious is a word that rarely exists in my dictionary, but when it does, it's not about school work.
There were no other personal items to gather. I didn't care about any of the school projects I had scattered around in the various classrooms, and pretty much half of them wern't even finished anyway or close to being finished. So in no time, I found myself waiting by the front entrance, watching the sleek black car drive towards me at a nice and even pace.

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