Shooting War(Gun Game)

Shooting War(Gun Game)

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Shooting War(Gun Game) Shooting War(Gun Game) Shooting War(Gun Game) Shooting War(Gun Game) Shooting War(Gun Game) Shooting War(Gun Game)

Description for Shooting War(Gun Game)

The first world war and the second world war has passed. No one knows when is the third one, but it is sure that A shooting war has not avoided.
Osama Bin Laden has dead. Never again will we want terrorism happen to us.
Have a gun practice with a shooting war and protect ourself in the real world.
Shooting War is a Simulation pistol game for your Android and only for the Adults.
Key features:
1.Shooting War is a free app, the fusion of various types of gun from many countries. In the game, you can find Gordon CSWS and Austen MK1 from Australia, MGD PM-9 and MAT-49 from France and PP-2000 from Russia. There are more for you to explore during your experience.
2.There are three simulation game for you to experience. First, it is a game for warming up. In your experience the target will not move at all. Keep you body stable and shoot the target. Second, this stage is with different helicopter boat vehicle and subway background. For every type, there are also many to choose. Helicopter includes houseboat ferry boat petrol boat aircraft carrier battle cruiser and so on. Vehicle contains ferrari porsche jeep honda fit and mitsubishi lancer. Third, you can have the chance to know some foreign elements, especially chinese elements. For instance, in cold weapon, you can see some weapons which only can be seen in Martial arts novels, such as punch slap light Saber and so on.
3. How to play the games? See in the tutorial. Before you go to tutorial, you should first set your volume position by setting.
4. For each gun, if you know little about it, you can search the introduction of them in Google, Bing Wiki and Youtube. There are the web links for each. With this process, you will have a good knowledge of the so many guns.
5.For each shooting, you will be rewarded with scores, which you can see in total score.
6.Sharing: for this app, it needs to be known by a lot of people. Thank you very much if you share it with one of your friends and family. Sharing is the way of happiness and taste the beautiful life.
Hey come on, get it here as soon as you can and quick to know how much score that you can get. Will you be the one who breaks the highest record.

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