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Prescribe yourself the best recipe of fun.

Do you feel there’s not enough joy in your life? Would you care for at least one laugh per day?

A good laughter can be the cure for many diseases, especially emotional ones. Before, during and after a hard day at work, enjoying yourself is imperative. Not many things exist to give us an easy laugh though. Give yourself a treat when you need it the most.

“It feels so good to have something to laugh with, just when I start to believe it’s impossible!”- Jun T.

Introduce your life into a laughing schedule.

• Comedy sayings for every taste are included in this extremely interesting app.

• Don’t adjust your funny side to your life, adjust your life to the kid inside you.

Make your jokes, quotes of the day.

• Easy-to-pick funny one-liners to entertain yourself and your audience.

• Have the most frequently-visited office in the company.

Blessed is the man who can give joy to the world. Even if you can’t give it to the whole world, wouldn’t you like to at least be able to provide it to your beloved ones? To your colleagues at work? To a difficult audience in a conference room? To the hot girl you just met and have to impress no matter what? Of course you do. We all do.

The hilarious jokes offered to you by this app, are the perfect answer. They are selected because of their unique and authentic nature and their exceptional sense of humor. Inside the app you will find jokes for adults, funny quotes, one-liners and jokes suitable to be sent in sms. Whether you are a little conservative, or you prefer spicy humor, your taste will be satisfied. Family jokes, work jokes, sexy jokes, marriage jokes, political jokes, they are all inside waiting to be chosen.

A really funny joke can make the difference between a bad day, a good day and an excellent day. A spicy, little dirty joke can be an efficient ice-breaker to your further communication with the gorgeous woman you are trying to pick-up tonight. A short one-liner joke sent by sms, can be the creator of a happy moment in your best friend’s crappiest day ever. A short funny saying can be the perfect tension releasing tool after a rather negative conversation with your woman. A humorous good joke can be the perfect communication trick to attract your kid’s attention and appreciation.

Most importantly, a really funny joke can make you feel better. Between meetings, when your mind is clouded and your mood is terrible. After hours of working intensively hard, when you feel that you have no more energy left to go through the day. In the car, when your patience is hitting red light because you are stuck in traffic for hours. In the evening, at home, when you relax on the couch and want to just have some pure fun. That’s when you really need those beautiful, very funny jokes our app provides you. With a few simple moves, you can turn the boredom, the anxiety and the irritation into a relaxing, entertaining experience.

No expert can explain how exactly laughter affects our organism. However, all scientists agree that it is incredibly useful to our mentality and wellness. People who laugh more, live more. Laughter releases both physical and psychological tension and reinforces our energy, needed to perform all our everyday tasks. In the present time, with our lives being a constant, frantic running from one place to another, joyful moments are needed more than ever. We must grab the opportunity for fun, wherever and whenever it is given to us. And if it is not given, then we must create it. We owe it to ourselves in order to maintain our mental and physical health.

Download this app immediately. Secure your defenses and empower your arsenal with heavy guns of continuing amusement. Be always prepared. Put your finger on the trigger and download.

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