Shot Chilla

Shot Chilla

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Shot Chilla Shot Chilla Shot Chilla Shot Chilla

Description for Shot Chilla

The absolute best games to take a shot of the maid dance area.

# # Content # #
1. The absolute area of ​​the girl photographed dancing hard.
2. Moment three times.
3. You can go to the next stage if the total purchase amount exceeds the standards of the photo.
4. The image is displayed on the screen before the game starts, the higher is the best shot. Let this aim.

Timing is difficult to relinquish,
Once you identify a simple game once.
After clearing, please enjoy watching the dancing maids.

After Stage Clear ★ 3 will allow you to set the live wallpaper.

Touched us ★ model to give please do. I am getting a voice.

If money is Tamale picture ★, you buy a model with Chilla's private shops.

Dance ass photo shoot Moe Maid Skirt Chirarizumu absolute space

Series [Moe]
[Paper Moe (Moekami)]
 Pretty touching picture. There are from cute to sexy.

[Kano Moe]
 CG Award application See the new density and raise her.

[Chilla s]
 Take a shot of sexy maids.

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