SMS Faker

SMS Faker

Downloads: 100,000 - 500,000

Price: FREE

Votes: 545

Author: Tizian Hösch


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SMS Faker SMS Faker SMS Faker SMS Faker SMS Faker SMS Faker

Description for SMS Faker

This little App can send and receive fake text messages without actually sending or receiving a message.
Type in all the details needed, press the "Fake SMS!" button and the App will put your message with all the settings you set into your conversation folder of the number you provided. You can also enter Text or a number, which is not in your addressbook.

Why you should choose SMS Faker:

☆ Easy to use
☆ Free
☆ No complicated functions that nobody needs
☆ No Ads
☆ Free Support
☆ Nice and simple GUI

Multilanguage Support:
- English
- German
- Spanish
- French

Feel free to send me bugs and problems to [email protected] and i'll try to fix them for the next version.

If you want to translate the App in your language feel free to contact me!

Thanks alot to Serum for the new App icons and the high resolution icon!

One more time after reading the comments: This App does NOT actually send text messages. It only creates the message as if somebody sent a message to you or as if you sent a message to somebody.

Version 1.9

☆ Main Layout is now scrollable (Thank you Susan!)
☆ Added AppRater
☆ Added Android 4.0 ICS Support

Version 1.8

☆ Fixed Bug with ContactPicker
☆ Small Code improvements

Version 1.7

☆ Added User Request: Landscape Mode

Version 1.6

☆ Fixed the NullPointerException Bug

Version 1.5

☆ Added Donating Version of SMS Faker
☆ Added Settings
☆ Added About
☆ Added Menu
☆ FC Bug should be fixed
☆ Added Report Bugs
☆ Small Code improvements
☆ Small Layout improvements
☆ Fixed 1 minor Bug

Version 1.4

☆ New App Icons
☆ Fixed minor Bugs
☆ Fixed language issues
☆ Numerous Notification improvements

Version 1.3

☆ Notification & Vibration added
☆ Layout fixed (Scrolling now possible)
☆ Checkbox values are getting saved
☆ French translation added

Version 1.2

☆ Fixed major Layout Bug
☆ Cleaned up Code

Version 1.1

☆ Pick Contact from Addressbook
☆ Date and Timepicker for easier control
☆ Message in Multiline
☆ Main Layout fixed
☆ 2 Minor Bugs fixed
☆ Added Spanish translation

Version 1.0

First Release

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