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‘SOspeCIAL’ is a new SNS portal service that lets you realize your wishes in a fun and useful way through friends of your friends.

What do you do through SNS these days? Chat? Share pictures? Play games? Anything else?
Sounds good but it’s getting boring, isn’t it? Wouldn’t there be something really COOL to do?
Our team came upon these key words ‘EXTEND’, 'EXPLORE' & 'DISCOVER for new social network services.

Let’s see what happens if you had 100 friends and each of them had 100 friends and each of their friends also had 100.
The total number of people you can reach would be more than 1 million people. [100 + (100×100) + (100×100×100) = 1,010,100]
Yes! You can reach 1 million people via your FRIENDS! Isn’t it beautiful what your FRIENDS can do for you?
We can do something COOL with FRIENDS of your FRIENDS!

Extend, Explore & Discover through your connections, TOGETHER!

▪ talk : Free instant messaging App.

▪ love
- This is a world’s first and 100% social dating service.
- You can find your next boyfriend or girlfriend or that long lost soulmate through that huge pool of your friends.
- It becomes a safe and trusted connection because it’s through friends of your friends.

▪ And much much more...

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SOspeCIAL is only available for users of age 13 and over.
We are always excited to hear from you!
Please email us at the address below if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions.
[email protected] or visit

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