Star Blaster

Star Blaster

Downloads: 50,000 - 100,000

Price: FREE

Votes: 310

Author: Trek3


Screenshots for Star Blaster

Star Blaster Star Blaster Star Blaster Star Blaster

Description for Star Blaster

Star Blaster it probably the best blaster from Star Wars in Android Market.
If you are a big fan of Star Wars you must have this app.
Blaster is the most common weapons in Star Wars, because it is very effective ( and it sounds cool:) )

- You can use different blaster from Star Wars and ammo.
- Two types laser (red and blue)
- You can shoot by shaking your phone or press red button.
- You can change blaster and laser, whenever you want
- Sound effects
- Vibration
- Music from Star Wars in background
- You can on/off music.

Become a star soldier and together with friends, shoot your enemies on wars!

If you like my app, please give me some stars in Android Market and
leave a comment.
If you have any ideas or bug reports, please contact me via email (in app:

Menu -> About -> Tap on email).

Feel free to recommend my app to your friends ;)

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