Star Girl: Stun Gun

Star Girl: Stun Gun

Downloads: 50,000 - 100,000

Price: FREE

Votes: 205

Author: Francis Zorrilla


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Star Girl: Stun Gun Star Girl: Stun Gun

Description for Star Girl: Stun Gun

Star Girl: Stun Gun is a electronic energy stun gun with LED lighting and powerful vibrator function developed to have lots of fun pretending to play self defense and zap your friends.

Changes the mood of your friends, electrocuted with a virtual high voltage discharger at your fingertips. Use your finger to push the button and unleash a massive spark of energy. Ensures the security of your environment. Shock your friends, when they do not expect it.


☆ Fashion cell phone stun gun with virtual high voltage at your fingertips
☆ Powerful vibrator function
☆ Crystal clear high quality electric sound effect
☆ Lighting: Camera LED Flash

Over 40 thousand people have been "electrocuted" with our stunguns. Help as if you were a magnifier! Let's spread the word!

Download this funny prank!

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