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Doing it with your lover has never felt more exciting!

Are you wondering how to make your sex life as exciting as it was in the first months?

If your relationship is in a rut, all you need is some sparks to get out of it. Of course, it won’t get back on track if you stay there and do nothing. But if you try something new, a new position or a new ‘setting’ will be the change you need. Your relationship will most definitely thank you for your choice.

‘I loved the one with the rainbow, tried it on our anniversary’ – Matt H.

This app is EVERYTHING you need for a more rewarding, better sex. We know how hard it gets to feel the same spark you used to feel at the beginning of a relationship. In a long term relationship, things like this happen and this is way we’ve come to your help with a set of great ways to make your love life a fiery one.

With the content in this app, boredom in the bedroom will be just a bad memory. Just shake it and find out how the landscape will help you experience new, great sensations when having fun with your boyfriend/girlfriend! Where will it be tonight?

Be an adult and take control over your own life. Don’t let boring sex stand in the way of your love relationship. Stop being an amateur and act like a pro. It’s easier than it seems. They say little things make great changes. And it is true. Try our ideas for places to have sex and you’ll be amazed of how different things will seem.

You don’t need a good psychologist and you don’t need a relationship counselor. You just need a bit of creativity and a tint of courage. With these two ingredients you have the recipe for sex that can start a conflagration. Careful though! You don’t want people to think of yourself as of an arsonist!

They key to a healthy relationship is communication and great sex. A relationship needs both of these, the same as it needs both of you. Love can’t happen when only one person is willing to make compromise. Take your partner and have a meaningful discussion about you. About the TWO of you. Find out where things are squeaky and where you need improvement. Find out what your partner likes in bed and what he/she would like to try. Then just do it!

The hot sex tips we offer you are not only for extreme pleasure. They are TRUE relationship advice. Because one of the things that stands at the base of a good relationship is good sex. This sort of intimacy you only share with your partner and everything is allowed as long as you both like it.

Be a naughty girl! Be a bad boy! Try out some new, very exciting places to ‘fool around’ with your lover. The adrenaline will reach explosive limits. Don’t just stand there and watch x-rated movies. Be just like one of them. You’ll see how much closer you will be with your partner once you’ve tried doing it in a less conventional place… You’ll see what a great memory you will gain. But it will surely not be of the kind to tell your grandchildren about.
Please any hot girl or any handsome man. With your ‘bed skills’, anyone would be happy to be your lover if you have the guts to try these places to have sex. Learn how to make your relationship better and better as the days go by.

Download today and become a true sex guru!

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