Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

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Rekindle the romance as you flip through the pages and get horny and sexy with your partner.

“This set of sexy stories will surely get couples into a night of endless sex!” – C. Bailey

Do you need to stimulate your imagination and feel extra sexy anytime, anywhere?
Download this app and feel the desire surge just when you need it the most.
This is the second to the last of a four-chapter erotic novel that will surely keep you at the edge of your seat waiting for the next thrilling scenes. Download this now and watch out for its breath taking end in chapter four, Blissful Reunion. Download chapters 1 and 2 as well to complete your compilation.
In this chapter, imagine yourself as either of the couples giving and receiving extreme pleasures the way porn stars do. Once you get hold of this erotic novel, you would resist every temptation to stop reading until the last chapter. You’d be too horny to wait how erotic the sex scenes can become.
Get this series of sexy stories put together in one romance novel and enjoy them wherever you want to. Keep them handy and feel sexy and fired up and practically ready to engage in sex.
Some people deny it but the truth is we all need to tickle our imagination before we can actually achieve great sex. No matter how gorgeous you or your partner may be, it still adds to the excitement when you have stimulated your mind with sexy scenes or thoughts before you actually engage in love making. This romance novel will keep that excitement as you anticipate what happens next in this collection of sex stories.
Most couples who get into sex have either imagined actually doing it before they even come into a union. Each might have fantasized on each other’s body or the sensation each can get at the other’s touch. When they finally come together, the fire would be too much to put out.
This set of sex stories is carefully crafted and well thought off to aid couples in travelling to wild imaginations as they associate themselves with the characters.
Lie on your bed or sit elsewhere and enjoy these stories. Before you know it, you would be too horny to resist calling your partner so you could make out. Better yet, pick a chapter and read it with your partner as you cuddle in each other’s arms and then together, feel the excitement awaken the most erotic thoughts you must be keeping.
The twists in the stories make the character seem very real, having real challenges as they try to keep the intimacy stronger. No doubt one would be more than excited to get to the next chapter even before finishing the first. The thrill and lust would be consistent from the first to the last chapter.

Now, men have been considered to be of equal footing. Consider yourself to be the skillful man in this set of sex stories and understand how rewarding it is when you can give your woman the ultimate pleasures that are sure to get her hooked, like she would long for no other man to ever lay a hand on her but you.
Get this app now and master how to give and receive ultimate pleasures. Keep it handy and flip through the pages anytime you want to get horny and be extra sexy in bed. This app is sure to get you and your partner in the mood for a night of endless sex and sheer pleasure.
With the fiery scenes you will come across, you just might even find yourself reading the stories again and again and would be surprised that you’d be getting the same level of excitement each time.
So, what is there to wait? Improve your sex life by stimulating your sexiest thought and turn them into actions. Remember that the sexiest part that must be stimulated during actual sex is our brain. If you have succeeded in eliciting dirty and lustful thoughts, then expect to have great sex each time. Let this app of romance novel with a compilation of sex stories help you do exactly that.

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