Takahashi Ai Photo Album

Takahashi Ai Photo Album

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Takahashi Ai Photo Album Takahashi Ai Photo Album Takahashi Ai Photo Album

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Moving pictures in the picture vertically and horizontally, trembling, applications that produce effects such as "move! Photo"
I bet that satisfy a number of beautiful photographs that were provided for Android.

"Morning Musume." Graduation photo "Alo! Morning Musume. 2011," the original photo from a plethora of unpublished photos.
Takahashi Ai smile exploded under blue skies and sparkling waters. Bring out the pretty strawberry pattern in her cute bikini.
In the swimming pool and happily come and is focused on her looks good feeling to swim.
Also, take a look at the town Takahashi Ai Profile of Hawaii's natural and 名残惜Shi so, you will surely be deprived eye.
"Morning Musume." Takahashi Ai as a leader. You to burn in the hearts of her last appearance!

Name: Ai Takahashi (idol "Morning Musume." Members and leaders of the sixth in fifth stage).
Date of birth: September 14, 1986
Hometown: Fukui prefecture (Japan)
Blood type: A type

Japanese girl


Tags: ai shinozaki swim , ai takahashi

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