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Welcome into Tattoos, Tats, Ink & Body Art Lovers fan club. This APP was created as a lodestar for all who already have or is just planning to make a tattoo; because it has hundreds of thousands tattoo images and galleries. For sure you already have downloaded some Tattoo APP, but all of them are boring, because they are just able to show you pictures and nothing more. The main advantage of this APP is that you are not only watching the nice tattoo images, but can also talk with their owners in the online chat or send the Instant Message.

There are several reasons why you should have this APP:
- It can give you a lot of inspiration regarding improving of your body art;
- You can talk directly with the same tattoo fans like you in the online chat;
- You may get very useful information regarding the amazing tattoo artists in your city;
and much more.

You will be able to select from hundreds thousands of the same tattoo fans like you and get a lot of new amazing tattoo ideas. Before you will take the ink and start drawing your tattoo design you can determine if you prefer small tats or large tats and also choose the color of the ink.

This Tat / Body Art APP is used by people from different countries and continents, but don't be afraid, you will be able easily talk to them thanks to the auto translation function which will translate all chat messages from 50 different languages to your native language. So you will be able to learn about the styles and preferences of tattoos in the different countries and cultures.
All tattoo images and their owners’ profiles are available without the registration or login, but if you would like to join this tat fan club you may create your personal account and login. For your comfort for login you may use your existing Facebook or Google account.
If you already have some stellar tattoo then you can make its pictures and share them with others using your mobile phone. It doesn't matter if you have sweet devotion tat or something a little more hard core for sure you will get a lot of feedback and admiration. Don't hide your crazy, beautiful, amazing tattoo, for sure you made it because you were wanted to share it with others and not only watch it by yourself.

APP contains:
- tattoo photo gallery;
- video chat;
- instant messages;
- friend list;
- auto-translation from 50 languages to your native language;
- people search;
- profiles viewing
and few hundreds of other functions.
More over you can make or upload photos or record video files using your mobile phone.

So, thanks to this APP you will be able to find a lot of new friends with the same interests or just got some new ideas how to improve your body art.

- have a fun and let others to have a fun too
- sorry, but children forbidden, only 18+ please
- if you have tattoos on the intimate parts of your body or some sexually orientated tattoos please do not post them here.
We hope that you will like this tattoo fan club, in case if you have any problems please visit our site or contact us by the email.

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