The Finding

The Finding

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Be lost in a paradise shared by two strangers who found deep intimacy as they tried to figure out their way back home.
“A very captivating novel! The hot scenes were vividly described to tickle the sexiest imaginations!” – Barbara V.
Need an inspiring hot story to tickle your wild imaginations and find the enthusiasm again to engage in great sex?
Download this app and get a series of erotic stories that are sure to keep you wet or hard between your legs.
Finally, love was found amidst the chaos and confusion. The Finding is the last chapter of a sexy romance novel that is sure to awaken your senses into the reality of sex and how it can change one’s life forever. This chapter puts our protagonists into a steamy love affair after they survived a loss. Download this app and complete your series. You surely wouldn’t want to miss an ending that is sure to leave a mark in your memory.
In the series, these two strangers found something, far better, than their efforts to be back to where they were supposed to be. They found intimacy in the cold nights and longed to share more. Feel the excitement and the thrill as they discover each other more fully amidst the woods of deafening silence with just their sexy laughter and erotic moans of sheer pleasure.
Download this series of stories from an erotic novel that is sure to turn you on. These sexy stories were written with vivid descriptions of how each sex encounter was savored by the couple to make you associate yourself with the characters and be struggling to resist your own urge to engage in one too.
Be with each of the breath taking scenes that are sure to keep you hooked to the story from beginning to end. You could not put down your phone until you’ve read to the last word. The scenes are very real and are very sexually arousing; it would not come as a surprise if you’d go through the chapters over and over again—each time being no less exciting than the first.
Find out how the characters fell in love and found deep intimacy amidst supposedly being anxious at being lost in a place where no other soul thrived. Feel their intimate moments take your best imaginations to a place where nobody could get in the way to extreme lovemaking—a place where two people could never be lonely with each other.
Feel their intense emotion build up as they went through the pain of losing each other, as they get back to their real world where they lived totally different lives. Feel their pain of separation and the immense longing for each other as they were forced apart by the individual affairs that they have left behind.
Be one with the passion that was building up as they continue to hunger for each other and fought the odds that kept them apart. Experience the thrill of stolen moments as they found their way to each other, their love and desire surging even more each and every time.
Picture out how they savor their intimate moments as the scenes were vividly described, every single details were carefully put together to create a smooth flowing novel that is sure to satisfy your wild imaginations.
Read alone and go ultimately hot with desire or read the chapters with your partner and together, go wild and be extremely turned on with the hot scenes. Be lost in the erotic desires that are sure to captivate you and lure you to aim for your own mind blowing intimate moments.
Download this app now and watch out for the remaining chapters, Memories To Keep and The Finding, to complete your compilation.

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