The Sex Doctor's Prescription

The Sex Doctor's Prescription

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The Sex Doctor's Prescription The Sex Doctor's Prescription

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A new mobile application uses magic numbers, to dose users;
Pyramid of life takes you from single to a "married communicator", in 5 easy steps!
With rates of divorce and "non-choosing" singles going up the roof, society is in constant search of a manageable answer, to the lack of commitment and lonely souls. The Journal of Marriage and Family reports that "no-fault divorce law had a significant positive effect on the divorce rate across the 50 states" ensuring America's place as the unrivaled leader in the worldwide divorce race. Israeli originated, world known clinical sexologist, Dr.Limor Blockman releases a methodic mobile application "The Sex Dr.'s Prescription", that allows users to climb through simple steps towards communicating marriage,or a committing "couplehood", using spiritual number of specific tips, whether you are single, dating or trying to get your partner to commit.

Researchers Randy M. Page and Galen E. Cole in their Psychological Report of 1991 "Demographic Predictors of Self-Reported Loneliness in Adults", reveal that there is a vast connection between one's marital or relationship status, and loneliness or lack of happiness. One random sample of over 8,600 adults revealed the following specific percentages of those who felt less lonely:

Married 4.6%

Never Married 14.5%

Divorced 20.4%

Widowed 20.6%

Separated 29.6%

These findings are even more striking, given the author's definition of loneliness being the "absence of satisfying social relationships" as opposed to merely the close presence of other people.

"The Sex Dr.'s Prescription" was created by Dr. Limor Blockman, as a result of a decade's long work, with hundreds of couples and individuals worldwide and the release of 3 bestselling books. The exact amount of tips per each category, were specifically thought over, using the Dr.'s spiritual and religious views in Judaism, along with numerical significance of 40 tips, 5 categories and 8 tips per category. The Dr. states that following the pyramid starting at "single life" and climbing up to "communication", through the "dating","sex" and "marriage" categories, will enable one with a good relationship and a fulfilling love life.

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