Thermometer Sexy

Thermometer Sexy

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Thermometer Sexy Thermometer Sexy

Description for Thermometer Sexy

Classic thermometer with animation and incredible design, showing the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit on the street in your town or the temperature of the battery of your phone.      

  If you have some time to put the phone in the direction of the battery to cool down after heavy use, just run our application you are more or less able to accurately identify and at room temperature! It is about the temperature of the battery. But it is unlikely you will be able in this way to measure how many degrees are now in the fridge - just the battery is not able to cool down so much, it just runs out of the cold :)   

Also, do not forget to look at our other apps, there is a large variety of thermometers in various colorful styles.   

We welcome your feedback like / dislike you like our app, and why.

Thermometer Sexy

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