Tips for Love and Sex

Tips for Love and Sex

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Tips for Love and Sex Tips for Love and Sex

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Sexual pleasure isn't a science but an art, and the only way you can find out more about sexual pleasure, is to bring the creativity you have in other parts of your life, into the sexual arena, and start exploring. When it comes to sexual pleasure, we can focus too much on the genital connection, and ignore the fact that there is a whole body available for sexual stimulation. Arms, legs, hands, feet and all your five senses can all be important players in an awesome sexual pleasure. 

Sex is an experience. Females have different architecture than men when it comes to sex. They do not think that sex is important to survive. Most women may think that sex does wonders to their complexions and moods, but some do prefer to sit and chat with their peers than engage in an entire afternoon of lovemaking. But most men on the other hand cannot do without it. 

Evidence points to the many health benefits of an active sex life. 'Sex Made Easy', an article published in Men's Health Magazine, gives 10 healthy reasons to hop into bed (a reminder that making love is good for both body and soul).

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