Toaa Screen On/Off (All-in-1)

Toaa Screen On/Off (All-in-1)

Downloads: 100,000 - 500,000

Price: FREE

Votes: 895

Author: TOAA Media


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Toaa Screen On/Off (All-in-1) Toaa Screen On/Off (All-in-1) Toaa Screen On/Off (All-in-1) Toaa Screen On/Off (All-in-1) Toaa Screen On/Off (All-in-1) Toaa Screen On/Off (All-in-1)

Description for Toaa Screen On/Off (All-in-1)

This application, Toaa Screen On/Off, is an application which can help you to turn on/off your device without using the Power button.
You just need to click the app or shortcut icon (do nothing anymore) and screen will go off immediately. Specially, it supports Shaking Detector, you just shake your phone to turn on/off screen. It is very convenient for you.
This app is NOT widget! You can place the shortcut in anywhere as you can.
This app uses Device Administration function in Android 2.2 or later, so you must ACTIVATE it before it works.

======== News ========
Variety of app icons added to make the app more decorative.

======== Features ========
After installing successfully, the home screen will appear 2 app icons. The first one for locking screen and the second one for configuration.
Turn screen off and lock device with one click
You can configure any things if you want in Setting screen
Support Vibration when locking screen.
Support playing short sound when locking screen.
Support locking screen via shortcut in Notification bar.
Support Shaking Detector. Avoid breaking your power button. Just shake your phone and lock or unlock it.
Support backing to home screen automatically after unlocking.
Can uninstall this app directly by pressing Uninstall button in Setting screen.
IT WILL NOT DRAIN YOUR BATTERY. My main focus when I implemented the app was on not draining the battery, and it won't.

===== This app uses the Device Administrator permission =====
Make the device lock immediately.

===== How to uninstall =====
There are 2 ways:
Way 1: Press Uninstall button in Setting screen.
Way 2:
This app uses device administration function in Android 2.2 or later, so you must deactivate it BEFORE uninstall.
Just do this: Go to 'Settings >> Location & security >> Select device administrators' -> uncheck this app -> uninstall.

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