TOP videos of YouTube

TOP videos of YouTube

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TOP videos of YouTube TOP videos of YouTube TOP videos of YouTube TOP videos of YouTube TOP videos of YouTube TOP videos of YouTube

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TOP videos on YouTube

You don't have time to search for videos?
You don't have time to explore what's new on Youtube?
Get more job done with this all-in-one application that does all that for you !

Watch NEW HOT videos of Youtube on your Android phone / tablet every day.
This application gives you access to the best, newest, hottest and most viewed videos on Youtube.
Just pick category and video you like to play.

You can choose from following vidoes from following TOP category's:

* New 15 HOT music videos
* New 15 HOT trending videos
* TOP 25 Favorites
* TOP 25 Most Shared
* TOP 10 Most Popular
* New 10 Spotlight Videos
* New 10 Most Discussed

List of videos is updated once a week.

YouTube platform allows poople to connect, create and interract with billions of other people to watch share and enjoy original video content.

Application runs on every Android phone / Tablet.

Need to have good internet speed over WiFi or HSPA connection to watch videos.

Don't forget to claim your daily gift in app.

The content provided in this app is hosted by YouTube and is available in public domain. We do not upload any videos to YouTube or in Android app.
This app provides an interface to interact, browse and watch YouTube video content.

Enjoy !

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