Transformers Legends News

Transformers Legends News

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Transformers Legends News Transformers Legends News Transformers Legends News Transformers Legends News

Description for Transformers Legends News

This app will notify you automatically about the latest news from Transformers Legends.
This is the ultimate Fan App everyone should have instaled. This app will support you during your game and will help you accomplish the most common task quite easy.
But first I have to mention, that this app is NOT an official app. It is a free Fan App. So if you have something to complain about the game itself, do not contact me. I cannot help you. Sorry.

This app offers a set of tools for your favorite game. The user interface is designed to be simple and crisp but powerful to use.
The app itself is programmed to use very little resources, like storage space, memory and battery. Its size is below one megabyte and should be installable on most devices. Although the app uses mostly background tasks it will not drain your battery. The app is developed using ActionBarSherlock and should feature an ActionBar on all android devices from android 2.1 and up. On every Fragment you will have a few buttons on the top which you can use to interact.

The Newsreader
One of the tools of this app is the fully automatic Newsreader. This Newsreader will periodically check for news about the game and will notify you about this.
This way you will always be informed about the latest News, Events, Specials, Rumours or free giveaways!
The Newsreader will work out of the box without your need to configure it. You can customize the Newsreader by pressing the Preferences button. Here you can disable or enable the Newsreader, you can change the Newsreader Interval and you can even customize the Notification sound and vibration.

Like all apps, also this app needs some advanced permissions to work correctly. This app is designed to use as less permissions as possible, so here I will explain to you why the different permissions are used:

- “Networking Permissions” are for loading the Feed data and ads
- "Start at boot" will make sure you receive notifications about news even if you reboot your device. But don't worry it won't slow down your startup time. It will delay the first feed check about 5-10 Minutes after booting up :)
- "Deactivate Standby, Vibrate", it will only deactivate standby, while updating, your device will go to sleep after that :)
- “Read Phone State” to respect your privacy, I will only use a hash of the device id.

Thats all
Thanks for using my app.
I had a lot of fun developing this app and I hope that you also have fun using this app.
If you like this app, I would appreciate if you could give this app a positive rating, or +1 it, or tell it to your friends.
Are you missing any features? Are you having trouble using this app? Do you want me to help translate this app in your language? Please, drop me a line.

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