Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

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Go all out crazy with 18+ Truth or Dare! Break the ice by turning a simple game into a wild, sexy encounter!

“Those dares really brought out the wild side in my girl last night!” –C. Bailey

Are you having a hard time establishing physical contact with the opposite sex?
With 18+ Truth or Dare you will have the perfect excuse or reason to initiate some sexy physical contact while having fun at the same time!

These collections of truth and dare questions are specially designed to turn a shy guy into Mr. Casanova, and an ice queen will turn into a sultry and confident temptress.

Each question means not only steamy physical contact but a personal reaction that would pave the way for future wild action. Get ready because you will be using your tongue a lot with Truth or Dare questions to help flavor your sex appeal! Download these exciting 18+ Truth or Dare if you want to add some spice and laughter to your parties.

Demonstrate Your Mouth’s Special Skills
• Dare: Remove a girl’s belt using your teeth.
• Dare: Spell “SIZZLING” on a girl’s stomach using your tongue.
• Dare: Try to get the candy from a girl’s mouth without the use of your hands.

Discover a Lover’s Potential
• Truth: How many girls have you licked down there?
• Truth: What makes you horniest the most?
• Truth: Have you danced sexy in front of a lover to turn her on?

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