Vegas Adult Sex Guide

Vegas Adult Sex Guide

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Vegas Adult Sex Guide Vegas Adult Sex Guide Vegas Adult Sex Guide Vegas Adult Sex Guide Vegas Adult Sex Guide

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Find every form of Adult Entertainment on the Go...
- Straight Sex Clubs
- Topless Clubs
- Totally Nude Clubs
- Gay & Lesbian Sex Clubs
- Underground Swingers Clubs
- Gentleman's Clubs
- Dance Clubs
- Bathhouses
- Brothels
- Adult Shopping
- After Party Car Finder
- Gallery Shots
Are you planning to visit Las Vegas?

Take the hassle out of finding Sex in Las Vegas by using this all-inclusive mobile app.

Play it smart and safe with vital information and directions at your fingertips.

Today’s clubs can be open 24 hours but they really start to rock in late evening and early morning hours, especially on the weekends. They feature state-of-the-art technology and are trendy and elegant. All the major hotels have at least one upscale club. You can even party atop lounges that are more than 50 stories high and offer some of the best views of Las Vegas and the surrounding countryside. Dress to impress if you plan on a visit to one of these clubs. Actually, just watching the partiers come and go is a show in itself. There are so many clubs to choose from. Every hotel and casino has one, not just on the Strip or Downtown but all over the Las Vegas valley.

The number one place all straight men want to go to (and some women, as well) is a Las Vegas strip club or as they are now called a Gentleman’s Club. These clubs are open 24/7. They are a safe environment for a good time. If you do not want to appear a novice, the following information will help you to enjoy your Gentleman’s Club experience.

Club Types:

Totally Nude: All nude clubs do not serve alcohol and the legal age for those clubs is 18.
Topless: The topless clubs serve alcohol therefore the minimum age for entrance is 21. All ID’s are carefully checked in all clubs, at the door. If you look young, no matter what your real age is, you will be carded.

Dress Code: Some of the more upscale clubs require collared shirts and long pants. Others permit more casual clothing. A well-dressed patron receives superior service. Remember, the girls are looking at you, too. Dress to impress.

Taxi Service: A taxi driver will suggest a specific club to you because the clubs pay the taxi drivers a tip for bringing a customer. The driver is tipped per head so if a few of you split the cost of a cab, the club will pay the driver for each one of you. So unless you request to be driven to a specific club, the cab driver will most likely take you to the club that is offering the highest incentive to them.

Limousine: One of the little known incentives provided to the customers by the better gentleman’s clubs is an in-house limo service from your hotel room to their club free of charge. Just call the club and request limo service. You can tip the limo driver but the admission to the club will be waived.

Admission Fees: If you are taken to a club by taxi, the club will charge an admission fee. This fee may vary from club to club depending on the tip the cab driver receives from the club. The fee can be from $20 and up to $50. Should you drive yourself, or you are a local with a Nevada driver’s license, the entry fee may be waived.

Do not solicit prostitution from the dancers. It is illegal in Clark County.

The least safe method of enjoying a sexual experience in the city of Las Vegas is with one of the many working girls that prowl the bars and clubs looking for men to pay them for sex. These girls are not licensed OR tested for STD s, HIV, etc., and your safety is not guaranteed by anyone.


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