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Vink is Now available on Android !

Now you can say everything directly in video ! picture, text, and even only sound in Vink !

Whole new apps to share your every precious moment with your friend and even a special person.

It only takes maximum 10 Seconds to record every precious moment you need, make it simple, fun, and memorable. Send your moment to all friends or even public, but only for a vink of an eye

In 10 Second, your message could be disappears forever ! , so what are you waiting for?
build your community, enjoy vink in a blink of an eye with your school community, college, girlfriend/boyfriend, your bestfriend or even your family before that momen dissapears forever

Vink is insanely fun, and it will show you how every moment need to be cherished in every second time in your life.

Note : Vink post are deleted from our servers after users viewed, we could not prevent the recipient(s) from capturing and save the message by taking a screenshot from their device

Vink Team welcomes and appreciates any questions or feedback, feel free to vink us anytime
Contact us via Email : [email protected]

We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Vink Team

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