Voca Bakery

Voca Bakery

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Voca Bakery Voca Bakery Voca Bakery Voca Bakery Voca Bakery

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== This app requires Froyo(2.2) or higher version ==
== The resolution must be 800x480 or higher ==

Dress up your lovely character and test your English bread-baking skills!

Voca Bakery provides a unique experience of mastering thousands of English vocabulary words through natural game play. It is a character-development game in which the user has to bake as many voca-bread as possible within the time limit. The goal of the game is to challenge and emerge victorious against other users around the world in voca bread-baking contest by acquiring superior costumes and magic wands.

As you level up, you can dress up your character with school uniform, ballet uniform, party dress, Greek goddess costume, cat cosplay costume, and the Wizard of OZ costume. Enter Arena looking your best and show off for all to see! In Arena, where you can go head-to-head against other users, strategy is just as important as your English proficiency. Use variety skills such as lightning attack to freeze, alarm attack to distract, and spray ink to block your opponent’s vision, in a timely manner during battles.

Are you worried that the vocabulary words might be either too easy or too difficult? Well, don’t be. You can choose to play with either the elementary 800, middle school 1000, high school 1000, or the CSAT 1000 essential vocabulary words. So everyone from elementary school students to adults can reap the educational benefits by playing this game!

** Entertainment Factors **
- Stylish costumes with personality!
- Enchantment system that allows you to upgrade your items
- Real-time one-on-one battles with friends or random strangers
- Can play with one user ID on your smart phone as well as on the Web(www.battlelearning.com)
- Fun of mastering a variety of sweet and fancy bread recipes one by one

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