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Voice As Ringtone

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Author: Chu Chong

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Voice As Ringtone Voice As Ringtone Voice As Ringtone Voice As Ringtone Voice As Ringtone Voice As Ringtone Voice As Ringtone

Description for Voice As Ringtone

Voice As Ringtone is a new version. It can allow you to record your own voice and set it as your ringtone.

Now let us talk about this new function.

1. After you have installed this app, your open it, there are several buttons on the above. The first three are call ringtone, alarm ringtone, and notification ringtone.

2. You can touch any one of them. Anyone has the function to record your voice and allows you to set your voice as the ringtone.

3. Now you want to know the detailed information of recording your voice. In fact, the operation is very simple.

4. Provided that you touch the call button, then another page appears before you. This page is the recording page. You must notice that there are four buttons in the bottom. From left side to right, the first one starts recording, the second one can stop recording, when the recording is stopped. You can choose save it or set it as your ringtone. And the path of this recording will show you. You know how to use the recording function now.

5. In fact, apart from the recording function, there are other functions of this app. There are some recommended ringtones on the first page, you must have seen it. You can have a try.

6. You can choose ringtones from system or SD card. When you choose one, it will ask you that you want to audition it or join it in list.

7. The volume of different kinds of ringtones can be adjusted only on one page. You can set it as you like. The detailed information will show you if you touch the volume button.

8. There are four modes for you to choose. They are ring only, vibrate only, ring and vibrate, silent. You can set as you need. For instance, you can use the silent mode when you are having a meeting.

9. If you feel this app is good, please give me five stars and share it with your family or friends.

Above is the main functions of this app. From the introduction, you can see that it is a functional and powerful ringtone setter.

I know that there are many ringtone apps on the internet. It is easy for you to download one such as free ringtone and mp3 ringtone as well as funny ringtone even android ringtone and so on. But it is difficult to find a good one.

You must have hated to hear the tasteless ringtones of your mobile phone. Have you ever thought that you can set a ringtone which is your own voice? This is not a dream. You can realize it just with the help of Voice As Ringtone. When others hear the ringtone of your mobile phone is your own voice, you will feel proud. They may envy you.

I find this is really a good ringtone app, so I recommend it to you. I hope it can help you and you will love it.

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