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Actress handful of clothes, also known as jump, jump to summarize this is the theme of the Japanese men's magazine King, "the serial, the magazine got a different actress or model, a realistic scenario as the backdrop, one dressed in normal clothing, one only underwear.and then photo-synthesis photos. Popular, photos, most end in book form, the name of "paranoid" and "summarized Shadow" synthetic "jump summarized" into a book, in Japan, selling 15,000 copies sold out, when the speed required emergency printed three times in order to meet the needs .
In order to meet the majority of the male needs, jump summarized into the Android App, summarized the jump to becoming more realistic. Open the program, select beauty, as long as you beautiful body the touch of her clothes would you tear up, like you to tear up the magazine to make beautiful clothes were torn, like. Would like to express the idea of the original work, more realistic render on mobile phones.

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