Weed Scale Pro

Weed Scale Pro

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Author: Aexol

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Weed Scale Pro Weed Scale Pro

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First and only actually working scale for your phone, accurate to 0.1g when used properly.
It's not a joke app, it's the real deal that actually works as long as you stick to the instructions.

Perfect for weighing jewelry, needles, nails, even weed!

Use it to check how much you have left! Never be cheated by your supplier again! Know exactly how much you put in your bowl!
Works best for 1-5g range.
PRO version is more accurate and ad-free!

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1. Get a bag of chips, crisps, funions or anything that has some air trapped inside
2. Place your phone on the bag and set start position
3. Place a coin in the specified spot (0.05 USD, 0.2 EUR, 100 JPY, 0.2 GBP, 1 PLN) and calibrate coin
4. Put anything you want to weigh on a coin and press start

And it's done! You can also use automatic mode to have your phone do everything for you.


Toke up for accurately weighed weed!

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