Wet Lesbian

Wet Lesbian

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Wet Lesbian Wet Lesbian Wet Lesbian

Description for Wet Lesbian

Reveal the wet lesbian by reducing the water level in the hot tub.
The lesbian submarine will vaporize water drops when bubbles are popped in range of it's laser.

Game Play: Wet Lesbian begins with a full tub of water, as the game progresses the water level will drop. Simply tap, touch or slide your finger over bubbles to pop them. Power ups are inside some bubbles, they include 'Lightning bolt, Bubble Bomb, Bubble Magnet and the Submarine Powerup'. These become available as the water level drops. More bubbles will emerge for popping with each level drop. As each level is reached more of the Wet Lesbian will be revealed. (The marketplace does not allow nakedness,she is very nearly naked)

Game Hints:
* Wait for bubbles to align before using power-ups
* Multiple power-ups are more effective when used in the right sequence
* Tap the submarine - Change its destination

A gay game for gays from iGaymes.com

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