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Being a sweet lover is the new macho! Make all the women swoon with What Is Love now!

Are you sure about your feelings for her?

We can’t just jump in a relationship and declare our love to the world only to find out that you are only infatuated with the idea of being with her and that tingling sensation may only be focused in your pants and not your heart.

“inspirational and thought provoking…at least I’m now sure if I should pursue or not…” – A. King

An amazing compilation of inspirational quotes about love and life in general. What Is Love gives you an honest opinion on whether it is the right time to say that ever so romantic “I love you”.

What Is Love brings you a ton of quotes about love from the world’s greatest minds from the classical to the contemporary. Be inspired and share your love with one another as you check out all these love quotes. Feel free to use them to impress a lady with your romantic side, discover what’s behind your feelings and don’t be afraid to throw some inspirational quotes here and there. Try to understand and define the most important thing in the whole world, LOVE.

The Inspirational

* The way we express our emotions

* The way it completes the whole world

* The way it changes our perception and how it connects everyone in the world

The Little Sweet Things

* There is something about a puppy

* A little something about small pox

* The one thing you cannot buy

Maybe you want to take your relationship to a whole new level, you admire your boyfriend or girlfriend so much but you are not that sure about how you feel about him or her and the thought of getting serious scares you because of the uncertainty. You just have to be sure before you commit. Maybe you are fine with being friends with benefits or that’s what you tell yourself, because every time you see him or her you can’t control the crazy butterflies in your stomach, so what does it mean? Are you in love? Are you ready to say the most powerful three words of all? This is for all people who encountered the confusion of being in love or infatuated, and we all wish there is an accurate love tester which we can try before you enter a relationship, but there is none. But we do have a set of love quotes to be a little sure whether you want to keep your lady or your man. Yes, being single is a bummer, but all people will remain single if they are afraid to admit what they feel, you can’t be on the dating status forever so do something about it.

What Is Love will bring out your softer side. There is nothing wrong with being a little sweet once in awhile. Every women dreams of bagging a guy with a soft side, and throwing in some love quotes or quotes about life in general will surely impress a real woman as long as you mean it. It may not be a technique to bang a girl from the bar but some sweetness will surely impress and may pave the way for a long and lasting relationship. This is when real maturity hits, when making love will really mean something. A real lady will see your worth not because of your wealth or looks, but with your sincerity and with your pure love. What Is Love may even help you discover if you are ready for a real relationship or you just want to be single for awhile, either way, knowing more about the ever so powerful and mysterious energy that surrounds us called love will ready you for what’s to come in the world of romance.

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