XBase - like & share interests

XBase - like & share interests

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XBase - like & share interests XBase - like & share interests XBase - like & share interests XBase - like & share interests XBase - like & share interests XBase - like & share interests

Description for XBase - like & share interests

Join your base, share your interest!

Enjoy millions of funny GIFs, love images & gifs, beautiful landscapes, movie & TV (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter), gaming (Minecraft, Pokemon GO, League of Legends, top TV games like GTA and others), fashion topics, sexy girls(so hot!), meme images, meme gifs… and viral things when you have nothing to do.

What you can do in XBase

On XBase, there are hundreds of bases for every subject imaginable: your favorite movie base, fashion advice base, funny fails base, lovely cats base, memes base, sport stars base—all in real time!
Just join any base you like, share images, gifs and videos anonymously with others, find people have same interests with you.
Oh, don’t forget to send messages to those base members! Just think about asking base code in XBase, contacting a member who has sexy selfies, or some master in dating skills!
Alright then, you can create your own base and assemble your team! Funny memes, your own stories, sexy girls you met, interesting or weird images & gifs, whatever topics.
Finally, you can easily hide images & videos from your main gallery to prevent accidentally showing too much. Relax when you give your phone to your friend, coworker or relative knowing that your private media is safely hidden!
Cool, right?

Why XBase?

GIFs, videos, images, anything. Your interests can take any form in XBase.
Art, design, funny things, memes, random stuff, hey, whatever. If it's interesting, it's in XBase.
Plenty of ways to find interesting bases. You can find base code by your friends’ sharing or even find it on our Facebook page!
Upload whatever you want to your own Base. Make it your own. Then you can share your base code outside to let others join in. That's how you meet people here.
XBase is yours. Be how you wanna be.

So if you’re bored and need a break—wait, you’re bored right now? Why are you still reading this? Download and join in!

Join our facebook to find more interesting bases, and enjoy some memes there:
Please report bugs or give suggestions to us. We value your feedback A LOT.
Email: [email protected]


1. If XBase was uninstalled, can I find my images and gifs back?
Yes, you can! As long as you didn't delete the “. DefaultGallery” folder (Refer to the upper section "Where are the encrypted files"), after installing XBase again, you can restore your files.

2. What is base?
“Base” is the place you can share your contents anonymously online, as well as visit others’. Each base has its unique topic, just join and have fun!

3. How to join a base?
Don’t worry, after signing up (It’s so simple, only takes 10 seconds!), you can join any base by press “Join Base” button inside.

4. How to create a base?
You can press “+” on “My base” page to create your own base and fill it with your own contents!

5. What’s base code?
Base code is a unique code for a XBase user to enter a base created by other users. You can get code by your friends’ sharing, also you can find it on our Facebook page!

6. How to let my friends join my base?
It is easy. After creating your base, it automatically generates a base code. You can find it on “Base Info” page (click top right button to enter “Base Info”). You can paste the code and share it to your friends, or just click “share” to post on Facebook or Whatsapp!
Also, if you find amazing images or gifs in that base, you can share it to any social media platform like tumblr, reddit, facebook and so on(click top right button to share).

7. How to find bases?
You can find bases via these 3 ways:
a. Click “Find Code” to go to our Facebook to find recommended bases!
b. Just go to “Discovery” channel to find many excellent bases!
c. You can check base members and click on to see what they have joined!
d. Just ask base owner for code! And make him/her your friends!

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