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XTube is a Canadian pornographic video hosting service which allows unregistered and registered users to share adult video content with others. Among other things, the terms of use of xtube.com state that users must be 18 years of age or older.
XTube was the first adult tube site and claims that it has over 9 million registered users and an Alexa Internet traffic rank of global average of 491, and a United States ranking of 273.The site receives 4.5 million unique visits per day. XTube's main competitors are PornoTube and YouPorn. Amateur content producers can sell their videos and webcam shows, with the website taking a commission. One man is known to make $1,300 a week from his XTube videos, with the site earning the same amount. XTube distinguishes itself from its competitors by hosting a wiki engine on its site called XTube Sex Wiki. XTube was reportedly the first site to allow uploading of home-made adult content to a web site. Previously such content had to be shared either via Usenet newsgroups or via file sharing networks.
In 2007/2008, XTube released a page called XTube WebCam Models to allow viewers to watch live sex and masturbation on the website for a fee. XTube is also famous for showing both heterosexual and homosexual clips as well as some bisexual clips.
Since January 2009, XTube has a new site template allowing faster navigation for its viewers.

Starting in late August of 2010, numerous complaints arose of Xtube users being unable to view more than a few seconds worth of any of that site's clips. The problem appeared regardless of computer type, operating system, browser, etc being employed. It also affected users who claimed that they were able to view the content of other similar sites (e.g., YouTube) without problem. Inquiries to Xtube's technical support elicited typical troubleshooting responses of clearing cookies, downloading latest Flash and Java, etc. Users would then find their support trouble-tickets closed soon after, with no resolution to the recurring problem.
As the high number of complaints began to manifest on other websites and forums, some claimed to notice a consensus that Xtube's problem only appeared to affect customers with free accounts, on movies that they were viewing freely. Movies uploaded by "xtubesponsors" (=commercial videos) could always been viewed without any problem. This gave rise to accusations of the company "throttling" (i.e., intentionally slowing/limiting available bandwidth and download speeds) customers who utilize free accounts or watch noncommercial movies.

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