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Try out perfect Yoga positions that will help your health and sex life, try Yoga Sex now!

Are you seeking ways to improve your sex life?

Don't worry you're not alone. Many people automatically start thinking of new ways to experiment in the bedroom; some even go as far as popping unsafe pills and buying expensive sex paraphernalia, but did you know there is a much easier way? Yes, it is Yoga Sex!

“I love how these Yoga exercises connect deeply with your sex life” – Matt H.

Yoga Sex is an amazing new app that gives you the best yoga positions that will strengthen your core and your sexual prowess.

Yoga Sex consists of many amazing Yoga positions that will help your health, your day to day function and of course, your performance in bed! All the positions provided are well written and very informative, from how it helps your body, your mind, your health to doing it the right way. The instructions are written in steps so you can just try it out with alone or with your love to strengthen your health and your relationship.

Reaping the Benefits

• Positions that are not only sexy looking, but healthy as well

• How to use your breathing to stay longer during sex

• How to train your body to be equipped during love making

Sexy Sweat

• The position that will automatically make you think about sex

• It will get your temperature rising and set your mood

• The way you stretch it will surprise your lover

Being in a relationship can get you into many challenges especially in bed. We have this innate characteristic to make our lovers feel completely satisfied with our erotic performance. Many challenges come from our inability to perform really well in the sack because of physical capabilities, or the lack of it. To be a great giver of sex, you should be really healthy, and sometimes, the normal physical activities that we do everyday leave us with no energy for sex, and that is not a good thing.

Yoga and the positions does more than simply augment flexibility. It asks us to be comfortable with physical undertakings like loud and heavy breathing, fluid thrusting movements, poses that feature the display of our backsides, stretches that open our legs and chest, etc, all in a public setting. It allows us to build body awareness and confidence in our movements, and makes us practice holding one position for longer periods of time. This can be seen with great sexual lovers, and sometimes it makes you wonder what they do to achieve such sexual heights, I'm not sure what they do. Actually I know what they do, Yoga Sex.

Basically, Yoga will get your body and mind in shape for some absolutely creative and wild sexual activity. Keep in mind that for each of these poses, it gives yourself time and access to bring awareness to your own body, and connect with your partner on a more intimate level. As always, reaching the big- O needs cooperation between your body and your mind – and so with your partner. If you are having problems with getting the highest pleasures of what sex can offer, Yoga Sex may just be your ticket to heaven!

Many people wonder about the connection between the two, yoga and sex. Believe it or not, many or even majority of people does not see the connection at all since not everyone is aware of the benefits of Yoga. What they probably don’t know is that Yoga is recommended by many sex and medical professionals to improve intimacy in a relationship.

Download now for a better, sexier and healthier sex life!

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