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Master yoga poses and yoga meditation with “Yoga Tips Pro” app! Discover different types of yoga and learn how to practice yoga at home, improve your health and connect with your spirituality!
- More than 200 tips on how to do yoga!
- Discover the history of yoga and meanings of basic yoga terms!
- More than 380 yoga videos showing how to do yoga asanas!
- Over 450 yoga pictures-different yoga postures!
- Find out which yoga equipment you can use to get the maximum benefits out of yoga positions!

Discover what is yoga and why yoga has so much physical and mental benefits! Learn yoga basics and yoga poses for beginners without going to some expensive yoga studio!
Yoga for beginners includes easy yoga poses which can be mastered by beginners and without taking yoga classes!

Using yoga for weight loss is the healthy way to lose weight and experience all the yoga benefits! Different yoga techniques and yoga workouts help lean muscle and get nice sculpted body! Watch yoga video tutorials and learn yoga to get yoga body!

Hot yoga refers to yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions. The most popular is Bikram Yoga which is also a yoga class done in a heated room, and if you can get the right conditions this app will help you master this yoga type. Learn Namaste yoga with this app and become fitter, healthier and happier!

Learn restorative yoga which includes poses that help you relax and revitalize your body! This app also has videos with yoga instructions that will help you learn Kundalini yoga and help you develop awareness and spiritual strength, yoga breathing and much more!

There are lots of yoga DVDs and yoga books that are great for home yoga! This app is way better because with this app you can do your yoga training anywhere! This app allows you to perform yoga pose anywhere, just bring your phone and do yoga at the park or your office! There’s a prejudice that yoga is a women only discipline, but this app will show you that there’s also yoga for men and well as yoga for kids!

This app also allows you to buy yoga clothes and other equipment that will help you perform and hold the postures properly! There are different types of yoga pants and other yoga wear that will make it more comfortable for you to perform certain yoga poses, and you can purchase them via this app!

Enjoy using Yoga Tips Pro app and become a Yogi/Yogini!

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