Zombie GO Boom Kick Undead Ass

Zombie GO Boom Kick Undead Ass

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Zombie GO Boom Kick Undead Ass Zombie GO Boom Kick Undead Ass Zombie GO Boom Kick Undead Ass Zombie GO Boom Kick Undead Ass

Description for Zombie GO Boom Kick Undead Ass

When the Zombie Apocalypse arrives WILL YOU SURVIVE?

Using real life settings, we put the weapons, everyday objects and theories to the test.
Learn the best way's to bash undead skulls and stay alive in any situation.


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Zombie Go Boom takes you where no other zombie show has ever taken you. We test the weapons, theories, and knowledge found in video games, books, and movies; so you won’t be left for dead. From testing weapons found in games like Skyrim, to shows like The Walking Dead. Zombie Go Boom uses the same ballistic heads seen in Spike’s Deadliest Warrior and History Channel’s Zombies: A Living History in order to KICK UNDEAD ASS! It’s essentially Mythbusters with a HUGE ZOMBIE twist. Exclusively on Youtube, and Machinima.

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse! Don’t be the Walking Dead! Zombie Survival Videos, Zombie Games, Zombie Weapons.
Zombie Go Boom empowers you with the knowledge, and skills you need to survive the zombie apocalypse.


ZGB is one part Mythbusters and one part Deadliest Warrior with a huge heaping helping of the Undead all put on video and uploaded toYoutube to save your life!

These guys put the movies, books and all your theories to the test, usually on a weekly basis.

As they point out in their videos, the Zombpocalypse can hit at any moment, so if you happen to be gardening you better hope you can protect yourself!

“Zombie Go Boom” an unprecedented, non-scripted series that is one part “Deadliest Warrior,” one part “Mythbusters,” with a zombietwist is now on Youtube and Machinima!

Machetes, baseball bats, hammers or common household items- What is truly the best weapon to kill a zombie?

Could a zombie smash out a car window or break through a boarded up door? “Zombie Go Boom” seeks to finally put these age old questions rest.

Zombie Go Boom is the innovative reality show that tests the weapons and zombie survival theories in real-life settings to see if you could survive a zombie outbreak.

Each new episode will pit humans against zombies in a head-to-head final fight to see who can survive.

“With the popularity of zombie survival books, zombie video games and TV shows like “The Walking Dead”, we’ve all wondered if what we’ve read and seen would really work. It was time to test things out and separate fact from fiction”, said Jim Goza, zombie survivalist and host of “Zombie Go Boom”.

“What makes ZGB so great isn’t the groan inducing but guilty pleasure that is the humor of their videos (it is awesome), it’s not seeing ballistic gel explode in fountains of blood (also awesome), It isn’t even the slow-mo replays or the great reenactments with the sweet Zombie makeup effects. What makes ZGB an unexpected must-see guilty pleasure (Especially this episode) is the unexpected moments like when weapons don’t do what you would expect them to, much like real life. You see children, weapons break, and are ineffective. It is a fact of life! Now, how is the average person who has a limited income and cannot afford or have access to ballistics gel to test their theories? Check out ZGB!” – ZombieZoneNews.com

“Zombie Go Boom,” is produced by 3 time Emmy Award winning television creative director James Sweet and Emmy Award winning independent filmmaker Chuck Mere.

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